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Email your artwork to:

  • Be sure to Zip or Stuff, and include all images and fonts.
  • (25 MB Maximum)
  • If larger, please upload to our FTP site:
  • Enter username: anonymous


Artwork is the most import first step to insure your labels will be produced with the quality you will expect. We have experienced artists that are here to insure your labels will be produced with the highest quality. First proofs will be faxed or emailed to you within 48 hours of your order confirmation. Additional proofs due to revisions will be back to you within 24 hours of your notification of change. Matchprints will be ready to be mailed or pickup within 72 hours of placement of order. Once proofs are out the orders cannot proceed until your notification of approval or changes needed.

Questions Or Concerns

We have people here to help. You can email any art related questions to our lead artists, Mike & Ben and your requests will be processed promptly. If you are having scheduling issues please contact Tim Tait or your customer service representative for immediate attention.

Before sending art files, please review our Checklist:

  • Provide files in their native format (Illustrator).
  • Provide all graphic links and all fonts.
  • If images touch the edge of the label, please "bleed" or extend these images at least 1/16 of an inch beyond the edge.
  • RGB images should be converted to 4 color process (CMYK).
  • Avoid typesetting in Photoshop. The only exception should artistic looking elements that can only be done in Photoshop. For all other typesetting such as nutrition facts, ingredients, etc., use Illustrator.
  • Avoid Microsoft programs such as Word or Publisher when creating your artwork , as our systems dont support these formats.
  • DO NOT set traps. This will often give a false impression of the art will look like since most office printers are incapable of printing the artwork with the traps shown.
  • Provide a color hardcopy (printout) of your artwork for West Coast to compare and quote.
  • If e-mailing, please gather all necessary elements into one folder and compress that folder (using compression software such as winzip or Stuffit).
  • Our systems are optimized for Adobe Illustrator (this is the best format to use, all other formats will have to be converted).

Transferring Artwork to West Coast Labels

E-mail address: (20 MB maximum)

What Our Clients Say:

Laclede has been doing business with West Coast Labels for over 11 years. The staff at West Coast Labels has always been there to make sure that all of our orders were shipped on time. West Coast Labels has come through for us on many occasions and i can depend on them to take care of all of our needs. I greatly appreciate the service West Coast Labels has to offer.

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