Custom Printed Labels for Businesses in Glendale, California:

Food Labels, Beverage Labels, Health & Beauty Labels, Promotional & Advertising Labels & More

West Coast Labels is California’s premier full-service custom label company. Since 1972, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality labels, stickers, and decals for a wide variety of Glendale businesses. We have over 40 years of experience and excel in label branding, design and printing. We pride ourselves on making labels that are visually striking, durable, and extremely effective at marketing your product. By producing labels of consistently exceptional quality at cost-effective prices, we have accrued a loyal following of thousands of satisfied customers from Glendale and throughout the West Coast.

Label Solutions for a Variety of Products & Applications

West Coast Labels excels in printing custom labels for businesses in Glendale and beyond for a wide range of industries. Our specialized products include:

  • Food Labels
  • Produce Labels
  • Beverage Labels
  • Health & Beauty Labels
  • Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical Labels
  • Industrial Labels
  • Promotional & Advertising Labels

By working with a label company with expertise in your industry, you can be sure that you’ll receive professional advice and services that will help your Glendale business compete within your specific market. We understand the unique needs of each industry and have developed the capabilities to meet them.

High-Quality Custom Labels, Stickers & Decals

West Coast Labels specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of pressure-sensitive labels, stickers and decals. Unlike some printing companies serving businesses in Glendale, we only produce labels, which means that we have developed an incomparable level of labelling expertise. We also have invested heavily in the latest and best label technology, equipment and materials. Whether you want an economical black-and-white label or a unique foil-stamped label on premium face stock, we’ll always deliver impeccable results at a great price.

Knowledge, Experience & Value

West Coast Labels is a local, family-owned company that has been in the label business for over 40 years. We are proud to serve the Glendale business community as well as businesses throughout California. Since we opened our doors, we have worked hard to become the premier label company on the West Coast and this commitment shows in everything we do: We utilize the latest technology, our team consists of label and marketing experts, and we are known as one of the highest quality and most reliable label producers in the industry.

Call West Coast Labels today to receive a free quote on your custom labels, stickers or decals.

Custom Health & Beauty Labels, Stickers & Decals in Glendale, CA

Toothpaste, Oils, Perfume Label

West Coast Labels designs and manufactures high-quality, cost-effective health and beauty labels for companies in and around Glendale. Our health and beauty labels are perfect for soaps, hair care products, makeup, toothpaste, essential oils, perfumes, lotions, and more, because they are designed and manufactured to stand out on a shelf and hold up under a wide variety of conditions, such as through constant exposure to the sun, water, oils, and more. Additionally, we offer expert logo design, custom color-matching, and branding help, as well as recommendations for material integration, so that you can realize a particular packaging look. Call now for a free quote.

Printed Food Labels

Custom Food Labels, Stickers & Decals in Glendale, CA

For food packaging labels of exceptional quality, call West Coast Labels. We understand the unique and specific label requirements of our Glendale clients in the food industry and are fully equipped to meet them. We have four types of printing presses to accommodate both small and large runs; specialty adhesives and coatings that will keep your food label looking great under a variety of conditions (heating, chilling, freezing, etc.); and label substrates that will fit well on food packaging of any size or shape. Additionally, we are thoroughly familiar with FDA requirements for food packaging labels. We can help you optimize the effectiveness of your labels while complying with all applicable regulations and staying within budget. Find out why West Coast Labels is the preferred choice among major companies such as Dole and Trader Joe’s; call today. Quotes are free.

Custom Pharmaceutical/Vitamins and Nutraceutical Labels, Stickers & Decals in Glendale, CA

Durable Labels Printing

West Coast Label’s pharmaceutical and nutraceutical labels are completely customized to the needs of our clients in Glendale. Our label experts will assist you with branding and design as well as material integration. They’ll also provide inventory management and maintain strict quality control measures. Additionally, we can manage a large number of different SKUs and quantities because we keep detailed records of each order and have systems in place to make sure duplicate numbers are not created. Our adhesives and inks are FDA approved and we can also answer any questions that you may have about the FDA’s requirements for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and vitamins. Call us now for a free quote. We’ll produce your pharmaceutical or nutraceutical labels in a timely manner without ever compromising quality.

Custom Produce Labels, Stickers & Decals in Glendale, CA

Best Labels Manufacture

With over four decades of experience and expertise in producing produce labels and stickers, West Coast Labels has become the premier choice among Glendale’s fruit and vegetable farmers, growers and distributors. We manufacture custom produce labels and stickers that are placed directly on raw fruit and vegetables and feature barcodes, PLU codes, SKUs and/or logos, as well as packaging labels that have indirect contact with produce. As such, we can make sure these labels meet FDA standards as well as the needs and budget of our Glendale clients. We have more than 40 years of experience working with clients in the food industry and will provide you with the high-quality, cost-conservative produce labels you need and the personalized service you expect. Call now.

Custom Industrial Labels, Decals & Stickers in Glendale, CA

Industrial Label Makers

Few label companies can provide the level of quality and cost-effectiveness that West Coast Labels provides for the custom industrial labels we supply to our clients in Glendale. We’ve been manufacturing industrial labels since 1972 and can create everything from packaging labels, warning labels, and safety stickers, to company logo decals, barcode stickers, and disclaimer labels. Our labels can be permanent or non-permanent/repositionable; withstand sun exposure, heavy handling, chemicals, oil, dirt, grime and water; and produced in nearly any size and shape. Industrial labels can be used on industrial or manufacturing products, equipment, tools, trucks, hard hats, supplies and more. Call West Coast Labels today and find out why the majority of our business comes from return customers.

Custom Beverage Labels, Stickers & Decals in Glendale, CA

Soda Cans, Water Bottles Labels

As a full-service label company with state-of-the-art printing software and technology, West Coast Labels is able to meet a broad range of beverage label needs. Our labels can be seen on water bottles, juice bottles, wine bottles, and soda cans. Often, these labels feature temperature and moisture resistant adhesives which protects your label from fading, peeling or degrading when placed directly in ice baths or in the refrigerator. Additionally we are able to achieve any of the impressive looks you see on beverages today, whether you want the “no label” look or a high-end look featuring foil labels or hot stamping. Our custom pressure-sensitive labels can be applied to beverage bottles or containers of any shape or size and be produced in any quantity. Call today to receive a competitive quote.

Custom Advertising and Promotional Stickers, Labels & Decals in Glendale, CA

Stickers, labels and decals can be extremely effective in advertising and promoting your product, event, service or business in Glendale if they are created by a label company with expertise in branding, design and marketing. At West Coast Labels, you will always work with highly trained staff who look for ways to optimize your advertising and promotional labels, stickers and decals at the most cost-efficient price. Whether you have your own artwork or need help developing a logo and brand identity, you’ll end up with labels, stickers and decals that are not only visually appealing and highly functional but also compelling enough to motivate your customer to take action. Call today to learn more about our custom label services available to Glendale clients. We offer free quotes and have the capabilities to print any quantity of labels, stickers, decals, shelf talkers, flyers, point-of-purchase inserts and stands, and more.

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