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Welcome to West Coast Labels, the premier provider of high quality, eye-catching labels to Ontario for over 30 years. We specialize in the design and production of visually striking and highly functional labels for the food/beverage, health/beauty, nutriceutical, and electronics industries. Our attractive labels maximize visual impact and increase your brand identity in an increasingly competitive market. Our knowledgeable branding and design experts will create a logo that best represents your business, and help you choose the correct label material based upon your needs. We utilize the latest equipment and techniques, including rotary screen printing and hot stamping, in addition to a highly regulated process to ensure consistent results. We can produce labels of any size and shape, and we carry a full array of paper, film, foil, and specialty stock. We specialize in:

Beverage Labels

  • We create beverage labels for soft drinks, beer, wine, and more.
  • We use special adhesives so that your labels will not cloud up when chilled.
  • Temperature sensitive labels and thermal chromatic inks are available.

Food Labels

  • West Coast manufactures a full range of food labels to suit a wide variety of packaging applications.
  • Cold and heat sensitive labels are available.

Produce Labels

  • West Coast’s produce labels use a special fruit and vegetable material that is non-harmful if consumed.
  • We can also manufacture heat and cold sensitive produce labels.

Industrial Labels

  • We manufacture long-lasting industrial labels that can withstand intense heat/cold, moisture dirt, grime, corrosive chemicals, abrasion.
  • We can apply special coatings to minimize fading when exposed to increased sun exposure.

Health & Beauty

  • West Coast Labels can accommodate any special requirements such as producing water resistant and colorfast labels for health and beauty uses.
  • We pay careful attention to correctly printing product ingredients, directions for use, warnings, etc.
  • Our colorful designs will make your product stand out.

Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical labels

  • Pharmaceutical/nutraceutical labels must meet stringent standards, so we take every measure to ensure that the correct information is printed.
  • We have a variety of presses to react instantly to any changes that you may require.

Promotional/Advertising Labels

  • We produce security labels including piggyback labels, instant redeemable labels, coupon labels, and sheeted inserts for promotional and advertising purposes.

At West Coast Labels, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and aim to create long lasting partnerships with our valued clients through dedicated communication. We can even partner with you in creating a custom warehousing program to help maintain inventory, cash flow and stock. To learn more about custom logos and labels for Ontario, contact West Coast Labels today.

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