Custom Printed Labels for Commercial & Industrial Businesses in San Bernardino, California

For high-quality custom labels, stickers and decals at very reasonable prices in San Bernardino, call West Coast Labels. Since 1972, we’ve provided San Bernardino’s diverse business community with professional branding and marketing advice, expert design assistance, personalized service, and incomparable results. We excel in printing and manufacturing:

  • Promotional and Advertising Labels, Decals, Stickers & More, San Bernardino, CA
  • Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Packaging Labels, San Bernardino, CA
  • Health and Beauty Packaging Labels, San Bernardino, CA
  • Beverage Packaging Labels, San Bernardino, CA
  • Food Packaging Labels, San Bernardino, CA
  • Produce Packaging Labels, San Bernardino, CA
  • Industrial Packaging Labels, San Bernardino, CA

Our specialty labels can be made in any size, shape and quantity and with your choice of substrate, adhesive, coating, and ink. We have a variety of different printing presses as well, making it easy and cost-effective to produce your custom labels in a timely manner.

West Coast Labels is a family-owned, local label business with over four decades of experience. Our dedicated and proactive team is committed to providing our San Bernardino clients with labels, stickers and decals that are beautifully designed, durable, and highly functional, earning your business valuable marketing solutions that leverage your brand and product proposition in an increasingly competitive and cluttered market. Call us today for a free quote.

San Bernardino, California – Industrial Labels

San Bernardino Industrial Labels

West Coast Labels offers San Bernardino businesses cost-effective, custom industrial labels that can withstand heavy handling, chemicals, dirt, oil, water, sun exposure and more. These labels can be used to effectively market your manufactured products or clearly feature your company’s logo, safety instructions, or disclaimers. Our team has been creating industrial labels for clients in San Bernardino since 1972 and can be depended on to help you with every aspect of your label production, from developing the design to managing large inventories. Call us today to learn more. West Coast Labels has the capabilities and experience to produce permanent or nonpermanent industrial labels in any quantity, any size and with any specialty substrate, coating and lamination.

San Bernardino, California – Promotional & Advertising Labels

Stickers, labels and decals can be extremely effective in advertising and promoting your product, event, service or business in San Bernardino if they are created by a label company with expertise in branding, design and marketing. At West Coast Labels, you will always work with highly trained staff who look for ways to optimize your advertising and promotional labels, stickers and decals at the most cost-efficient price. Whether you have your own artwork or need help developing a logo and brand identity, you’ll end up with labels, stickers and decals that are not only visually appealing and highly functional but also compelling enough to motivate your customer to take action. Call today to learn more about our custom label services available to San Bernardino clients. We offer free quotes and have the capabilities to print any quantity of labels, stickers, decals, shelf talkers, flyers, point-of-purchase inserts and stands, and more.

San Bernardino, California – Health & Beauty Labels

Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste Label

West Coast Labels is San Bernardino’s best source for health and beauty labels. We custom design and manufacture beautiful, high-quality labels, stickers and decals for all types and sizes of health and beauty packaging, including tubes, bottles and boxes. We’ve created labels using reliable strategies and high-end techniques for shampoos, conditioners, soaps, candles, sunscreen, makeup, lotions, toothpaste, and other related products, which have helped them stand out on the shelf, no matter how competitive the market. We use the latest software and state-of-the-art equipment to meet the label printing needs of any San Bernardino company working within the health and beauty industry. Call today for a free quote.

San Bernardino, California – Pharmaceutical/Vitamins & Nutraceutical Labels

Affordable Nutraceutical Labels

West Coast Label’s pharmaceutical and nutraceutical labels are completely customized to the needs of our clients in San Bernardino. Our label experts will assist you with branding and design as well as material integration. They’ll also provide inventory management and maintain strict quality control measures. Additionally, we can manage a large number of different SKUs and quantities because we keep detailed records of each order and have systems in place to make sure duplicate numbers are not created. Our adhesives and inks are FDA approved and we can also answer any questions that you may have about the FDA’s requirements for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and vitamins. Call us now for a free quote. We’ll produce your pharmaceutical or nutraceutical labels in a timely manner without ever compromising quality.

San Bernardino, California – Food Labels

Premier Label Company

West Coast Labels is the label company of choice among food companies in San Bernardino. We offer them food packaging labels and stickers that look great under a variety of conditions at a competitive price. We are trusted by a number of big clients, such as Sara Lee, Dole, Trader Joe’s and more, throughout California and have the ability to produce food labels in any quantity–from as little as 500 to as much as a million–and accommodate any special requests, such as FDA-compliant adhesives for direct or indirect contact with food, coatings that make it possible for your label to stick even when placed on packaging that is already has condensation, as well as labels with varnishes to accommodate date codes and expiration dates. Call today to tell us about your food labelling needs in San Bernardino and we’ll provide you with a free quote. We can provide a fast turnaround for print runs both large and small.

San Bernardino, California – Produce Labels

San Bernardino Label Company

With over four decades of experience and expertise in producing produce labels and stickers, West Coast Labels has become the premier choice among San Bernardino’s fruit and vegetable farmers, growers and distributors. We manufacture custom produce labels and stickers that are placed directly on raw fruit and vegetables and feature barcodes, PLU codes, SKUs and/or logos, as well as packaging labels that have indirect contact with produce. As such, we can make sure these labels meet FDA standards as well as the needs and budget of our San Bernardino clients. We have more than 40 years of experience working with clients in the food industry and will provide you with the high-quality, cost-conservative produce labels you need and the personalized service you expect. Call now.

San Bernardino, California – Beverage Labels

Soda, Juice, Wine Champagne Labels

West Coast Labels is California’s premier label company and we are proud to offer beverage companies in San Bernardino with integrated label solutions. Our design and production team can help you with branding and design, material integration, and cost-effective printing to give you labels that captures the qualities that you want to feature in your beverage. Our beverage labels can be seen on everything from water bottles to sodas to juices to wine and champagne bottles. They are not only eye-catching but also effective at holding up when chilled, placed in ice baths, or scuffed. We can also achieve a wide range of effects with our extensive printing capabilities, from see-through labels to stamped and foiled labels on premium grade stock. Call today to receive a quote for your beverage business in San Bernardino.

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